August 20, 2018

Cast Your Vote For ‘Fans Player Of The Year’

The Annual Awards Dinner is less than a month away and it’s now your time to get involved!

We want to hear who YOU think has been the Player Of The Year in 2018!

Last season, Tinirau Arona came out on top but who has been the one that has stood out for you this time around? We’re sure there are plenty of contenders!

To cast your vote, you can either put the name of your chosen player in the comments section on Facebook, or tweet us saying ‘My vote goes to (add name of player)’.

You have until midday on Friday 24th August to get your votes in!

Places are still available to book for the Annual Awards Dinner at Cedar Court Hotel in Wakefield on Saturday 15th September from 7pm. For further information or if you wish to book, please email Verity Thomas at