Our Staff

If you would like to get in touch with our Foundation staff, feel free to email any of the following:

Head of Foundation: Mark Brennan – mark.brennan@wakefieldtrinity.com

Education & Health

Head of Education & Health: Luke Shale – luke.shale@wakefieldtrinity.com

Community Engagement Co-ordinator: Mason Atkinson – mason.atkinson@wakefieldtrinity.com

Education Lead: Paddy Guest – paddy.guest@wakefieldtrinity.com

P.E. Specialist: Lucas Middleton – lucas.middleton@wakefieldtrinity.com

P.E. Specialist: Ezra Pickles – ezra.pickles@wakefieldtrinity.com

Rugby League

 Rugby League & Inclusion Officer: Charlie Doherty – charlie.doherty@wakefieldtrinity.com


 Heritage Project Officer: Jason Talbot – Jason.talbot@wakefieldtrinity.com

Media & Commercial

Media & Commercial Executive: William Moore – will.moore@wakefieldtrinity.com

Disability Rugby League

Team Manager: Ade Fleming

PDRL Head Coach: Lee Whiteley

LDSL Head Coach: Gareth Ramsey

Wheelchair Head Coach: Gavin Dobson

Ladies Rugby League

Head Coach: Jason Talbot

Photographer: Steve Biltcliffe