Stadium Regulations

Wakefield Trinity aim to provide a safe and secure environment for all spectators.

In order to achieve this, we have made important changes at The Mobile Rocket Stadium. These include enhancing the searching of spectators at the turnstiles on a matchday. This means that entry to the stadium may take longer and as a result it is likely that queues may occur, however we will do all we can to keep things moving. We are requesting that supporters do not bring bags to the stadium to avoid these search processes.

This policy covers the importation of banned items such as alcohol, potential weapons or pyrotechnics along with Counter Terrorism measures.

Size of bags

Bags of up to 15 inches will be allowed subject to search.

Spectators who may need to carry specific items for personal or medical reasons should contact the Club for advice before matchday.

The Club will not store any bags or items that contravene this policy or Stadium Regulations.

Bag Search Procedures

Searching of bags will be conducted by SIA Licensed Staff.

Spectator Searching

The Club retains the right to search any spectators entering the stadium.

This is referred to in the stadium’s regulations and permission to be searched is granted by a spectator when they purchase a match ticket.

Any supporter that refuses to be searched will be denied admission to the stadium.

The Club will not refund any ticket purchased to spectators who are denied admittance due to a refusal to be searched.

All searching will be based on live assessment at the point of entry, but the Club reserves the right to carry out a 100% search policy for any event or at any time during an event.

All personal searches will be conducted by SIA Licensed Staff, searches will be conducted on a gender specific basis.

These search measures have been introduced to ensure that all spectators can enjoy a safe and secure environment.

Club personnel and their agents will deliver this policy firmly.

The support of all spectators in maintaining this policy is expected as part of the RFL Respect Campaign.

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