September 22, 2017

Wakefield Trinity and Wakefield College Partner Up for College Rugby

Wakefield Trinity are pleased to announce our young players will be playing in the Category 3 Elite College league through our official education provider, Wakefield College.

The games take place on a Wednesday afternoon and see Wakefield College travelling up and down the country. Most of our Youth Athletes attend the College to do a variety of courses such as A Levels, BTECs and Apprenticeships. The Cat 3 league sees our year 1 Academy athletes play alongside talented college athletes to get them ready for the demands of Academy Rugby League, it also allows unattached talented youngsters to get another opportunity to put themselves in the shop window to get signed.

Wakefield Head of Youth Mark Applegarth said “The Cat 3 team is officially part of our youth production pathway; it allows us to play our newly signed young players against more physical athletes and acts as a stepping stone to the U19.

“It also lets us pick up talented youngsters, such as James Batchelor who have been missed in Scholarship systems. We take the lads education very serious here at Trinity as realistically even if they go and have a 15-year super League career, they will need something to fall back on afterwards. Being in partnership with Wakefield College allows us to send our young professionals to a well-established and well recognised education provider.”