April 28, 2023

Trinity launch Girls’ Development Academy

Wakefield Trinity Community Foundation is delighted to announce our new QUEST programme for aspiring female Rugby League players from those in years  8-11.

This will be our first girls’ programme for specific age grades and will initially run for a 10-week period starting on Monday 15th May at 6:30pm from the Be Well Support Stadium.

Those who are looking to get involved will be sent invites to sign up from our recent Talent Pathway sessions, with the programme also being open to all girls and coaches to nominate themselves or players who they feel may benefit.

Developed specifically to increase skill levels and decision-making without the pressures of working to set plans or fear of failure that they may have by playing for their current club teams, the programme is designed to work together with club Rugby by picking a night unlikely to clash with girls current training schedules with their community clubs.

The Quest Program covers the following Acronym for the player we would like to create for the future.

Q= Questioning (Question the game, how do we adapt)

U= Uninhibited (Play without fear, can you make the winning pass or kick)

E= Empowered (Let the players find the solutions)

S= Skilful (Increase current skill levels)

T= Tenacious (Don’t give up easily, build resilience)

Each session will incorporate game scenarios to help develop the players’ ability to adapt to in-game situations, being encouraged to problem-solve whilst trying to find solutions to beat the game they’re playing.

Each game will have increases in skill levels to challenge the players to adopt new skills to progress through the games, hopefully, developing the girls for their current club teams, whilst improving their skill set to then play Women’s Super League in the future and hopefully joining Wakefield Trinity Ladies or a future Wakefield Trinity Academy.

If you’re interested in coaching these sessions and would like more information, please email jordan.platt@wakefieldtrinity.com. Alternatively, to sign up for the programme, please click HERE.