January 22, 2024

Wakefield Trinity Community Foundation Join Fight to End Homelessness in Wakefield

Back in November of 2023 Wakefield Trinity Community Foundation’s Trinity Under the Stars fundraiser raised a total of £6,567.00 for projects within the community, but also Wakefield based charity ‘Helping the Homeless’.

Today, Terry Smith, Founder of ‘Helping the Homeless’, met with Luke Shale, Head of Operations at the Community Foundation, to present a cheque for £2,688.00. The funds raised will help with costs towards different projects currently in progress and applying the final details.

Speaking to us after the event Terry Smith expressed his gratitude to the Foundation and to those who supported the event and raise vital funds to help those who need it most with the difficult weather, we experience over the winter months specifically.

“Once again it has been a pleasure to work with Wakefield Trinity Community Foundation to help raise awareness of homelessness in Wakefield and to raise much-needed funds.”

Recently the charity took possession of an old building which they’re planning to turn into flats which provide a safe space for those sleeping rough without having the fear of being robbed or be exposed to the elements, as well as units called NAPpads, which essentially are portacabins which have been converted into a liveable space complete with amenities.

“The very generous donations received by our charity will be put towards providing flats in Wakefield for the newly homeless so that they don’t end up on the streets.”

“I would like to offer our sincere thanks to everyone who took part and supported the event.”

The Foundation would also like to place on record it’s thanks to William Moore, former ‘Media & Commercial Executive’ for the Foundation for his help and dedication in putting together this fundraiser.

To find out more about Helping the Homeless and the vitally important work they do in the Wakefield area then see their website, there you can also make your own donation.

If you wish to assist or take part in any of our future fundraising efforts, please contact our Media & Commercial Executive, Cameron Felton cameron.felton@wakefieldtrinity.com for more information.