March 10, 2019

Trinity 6-10 Hull KR

Danny McGuire scored the game’s only try within the final minutes of the contest to give Hull Kingston Rovers a narrow 6-10 victory over Wakefield Trinity at the Mobile Rocket Stadium. (Report by Owen Lockwood).

The wet conditions made for a lacklustre outing in which it came down to accuracy from the tee in order to put points on the board with Danny Brough and Craig Hall competing in a kicking duel throughout the match.

It was the Rovers that looked the better of the two sides early on as Trinity gave away a penalty on their own line which provided the Rovers with a prime opportunity to put the first points on the board.

However, the ball ricocheted off the post to deny the visitors but a handling error from Brough almost put possession back into the hands of the Robins.

Hull KR were then dealt a big blow as James Greenwood had to be assisted from the field nursing a leg injury.

Frustrations started brewing for the visitors as they gave away a penalty deep inside their own half and Brough kicked for goal to open the scoring in the game.

Soon after the Robins were down to 12 men as McGuire was sent to the sin bin for dissent.

But this did not faze them and in similar fashion Chris Chester’s side gave away a penalty which Hall opted to go for goal to make matters level going into the interval.

After the break, Jimmy Keinhorst spilled the ball on his own line and a further penalty ended up putting the Robins on the back foot again as Brough gave his side a narrow lead with a kick between the posts.

Hull KR were then given a team warning and the hosts piled on the pressure, but the Robins managed to weather the storm and keep Trinity out for a lengthy period. Hall then brought the scores level with another penalty goal.

Tom Johnstone almost scored the first try of the game after plucking the ball out of the sky until Hall bundled the winger into touch to deny the scoring opportunity.

Brough was then taken out late off the ball whilst in attacking play and it was another penalty kick for the hosts as Brough slotted the ball through the uprights to edge Trinity in front.

With ten minutes to go, Danny McGuire scored the first try of the game going over in the corner for the visitors. Hall managed to convert the difficult kick from the touchline to close the curtains on the game.