October 23, 2023

Takeover Announcement

We are delighted to announce that the takeover of Wakefield Trinity RLFC has been completed. All due diligence and legal matters have been resolved, meaning that, as of today, Matt Ellis has become the sole owner.

Matt Ellis, Owner said: ‘I’m absolutely delighted to get the deal over the line. I. can’t wait to now get started with the task in hand of getting the club back into Super league and at the top end of the table challenging for trophies. 

It’s a real honour to be part of such a historic club and fulfils a personal ambition to be owner of the club I support.
With 150 years of proud history with huge successes behind us, my promise to the supporters is that I will give 100% to restore the club to its glory days.

I want next season to be successful on and off the field and have already got to work setting plans in motion to ensure a successful 2024 for the club.’

Some of the plans already confirmed are:

Daryl Powell

Daryl Powell has signed a 4 year contract as Head Coach

We believe Daryl Powell is the best possible choice to lead the club into an exciting new chapter. His wealth of experience will be crucial in bringing together the best coaching and playing squad.

Matt Ellis says: ‘Having had many conversations with Daryl over the last few months, I can assure you all that he he is hungry for success and both my own and Daryl’s ambitions are aligned. I feel this is the perfect role for Daryl, with a big re-build and he will thrive in the challenge. I know that we will see the best Daryl has to offer.’


Steve Mills has signed a 4 year contract as Recruitment and Salary Cap Manager

Steve Mills has joined the club, having previously worked with Warrington. We believe his knowledge of players, both nationally and internationally, is second to none. 

Steve’s full time role will be to ensure that all prospective players have been extensively researched in terms of their ability and character. This ensures that they align with Daryl’s requirements for the new squad.

Matt Ellis says” ‘Steve will be fully involved with all player contracts and agent negotiations for the club. With Steve in this position I feel he will give the club an edge as he will be looking not just at the 2024 season, but also at building a squad capable of achieving successes into the 2025 season and beyond.’


David Tucker appointed General Manager to manage all off-field operations

David joins the club after years of experience in the hospitality sector, with his most recent role being General Manager of The AC Marriott Hotel in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. 

David has managed various large properties across the country, including hotels in Leeds and at Gatwick Airport. In addition to overseeing the day-to-day running of the non-rugby side of the business, David’s wealth of experience in the industry will be invaluable for the opening of the East Stand and the new facilities it will provide. 

This includes enhancing the match-day experience and offering conferences and events available to both supporters and the wider public.


Reduced 2024 season ticket prices

With season tickets launching next week, we can confirm that ticket prices will be significantly lower than last year and monthly payment options will be available. This is part of our plans to attract more supporters to matches during the 2024 season. We can also confirm that the entire stadium will have different price points for each area, which we believe will help all supporters attend the games next season.


Big investments in our playing squad

With Daryl and Steve now having joined the club, we will be announcing new signings in the coming days to bolster the squad for the 2024 Championship campaign. We are also looking to retain certain players from the 2023 squad, with deals close to being signed.


New facilities focussed on player conditioning

Over the coming months, we will be investing in top-notch player facilities, including a recovery room with plunge pools and saunas, as well as a player social area. These enhancements will ensure the best possible conditioning for our players. With these upgrades, Wakefield Trinity will boast some of the finest player facilities in the country, helping to retain top talent at the club.


Improved match-day experience and communication with supporters

We will be focusing on enhancing the match-day experience with improved facilities and concessions. Our goal is to utilise areas of the new North Stand and hospitality section to offer a wider variety of food and beverage concessions, ensuring both high quality and a range of price points. To further enhance the enjoyment of matches, we will be upgrading the match-day entertainment and the stadium’s PA system.


Aim to achieve the highest possible IMG score

Matt has been in discussions with IMG and RFL over the past few months and had this to say about the club’s future IMG score: ‘I believe that with the additional investments made in the club, coupled with the skills I’ve learnt from running my online business for 20 years, I am best positioned to secure the highest possible IMG score for the club. A high score will enhance the club’s reputation, potentially attracting higher-calibre players, sponsorships, and partnerships.’


A club to be proud of

Matt Ellis says: ‘Over the coming months and years, we will create a team you and the supporters across the City of Wakefield will be proud to come see succeed week in week out. I hope as many of you as possible get behind the club, enjoy yourself at the ground and have a great time on our journey together in this new era for Wakefield Trinity.’