March 11, 2021


A big thank you from the Club to the original Squadbuilder, who will once again be sponsoring a first team player with us.

Squadbuilder was born in 2002 following an appeal by then coach, John Harbin, for help to fund new signings. The first signature it helped to secure was Martin Moana. Thanks to the generosity of fans by contributing monthly a host of signings were enabled including Deon Bird, Matt Seers, Jamie Rooney, Ryan Atkins (his first spell) and Brad Drew. Over the next few years Squadbuilder also held many renowned dinners celebrating the history of our great club. Themes for these dinners were ‘The Glorious 60’s’, ‘The 1979 Challenge Cup Final’, ‘Trinity through History‘ and ‘The Trinity Lions’. They were fabulous events each attended by over 300 people and raising vital funds for the club. Other events were also held to enable maximum financial support for the club. By 2010 over £100,000 had been raised to help the club. Focus was also on helping to sign local juniors with the signings of Lucas Walshaw, Jay Pitts, James Batchelor and Chris Annakin all being assisted by Squadbuilder. They are proud to be sponsoring Lee Kershaw this season and look forward to seeing him scoring tries in 2021.

For anyone wanting to get involved or for more information, please contact Sue Parker on