May 27, 2022

Firth delighted to make debut

Wakefield Trinity Ladies’ Grace Firth was “delighted” to make her Super League debut as she featured for Trinity for the first time on Sunday.

Signing in the offseason with a whole host of names, Firth’s venture in Rugby League has been relatively short.

Starting with Outwood Grange before playing the sport at University, Grace hasn’t had much time to adjust to the way the game is played, citing that the impact of Covid-19 back in 2020 halted any real progress she was having.

However, after impressing the Wakefield coaches with her sterling attitude and willingness to improve, she has found herself in the Trinity side for the first time, backing big hits to the Warrington forwards at the Halliwell Jones.

“I am not that experienced, so I had to learn a lot from the basics. I love the sport.

“I played in school for five years at Outwood Grange before switching to Union at Nottingham Trent University.

“However, after that, Covid-19 hit, so didn’t do a lot of contact. Coming into this squad has been hard, I have learnt, created and developed in the rugby opportunities I’ve been given and I’ve performed well.”

Gametime and training are two completely different beasts. Working on the training field with teammates can offer that development experience, however, getting onto the field and putting it into action can offer the confidence to take that next step.

“I learnt so much in terms of holding my position, set plays and also the style of play from my teammates.

“We are a new, young team and still adapting. Obviously, in training, you play against your own teammates, but you look at the opposition and what we need to do as a team to dominate the team and pick out the team’s weaknesses.”

Kicking on from her debut, Firth is excited about showing what she can do for the rest of the 2022 season.

Lessons have been learnt from the whole squad over the first two games, as a relatively new side still find their feet in Super League and Grace is looking ahead to Bradford.

“[I aim to bring] strong defence, not letting anything through the middle and being a nuisance in attack.

“When I hold my ground and run good lines, I cant wait for the next game and look forward to every opportunity the coach throws at me.”

You can follow all of Wakefield Trinity Ladies’ games on their social media channels, including next weekend’s clash with the Bulls.