May 12, 2021

FAO 2021 Season Ticket Holders

Dear Season Ticket Holder,

Firstly can I thank you for your continued support in purchasing a ST over what has been an incredibly challenging time over the last 18 months. Your loyalty has been the bedrock on which the Club has survived and I cannot thank you enough.

We now look forward to a Return To Crowds, and as such it is really important where you choose to stand with your ST. Fans with seated ST’s will be able to utilise the East Stand seating area although please be advised that for the earlier games specific seat numbers will not apply, certain area’s will not be able to be used, and seats will be taken on a first come first served basis so the earlier you are there, the better the choice of where to sit you will have. The options for standing ST’s are as follows:-

North Stand

Western Terrace

East Paddock.

Could you please indicate where you choose to stand by replying to asap. This will then allow us to calculate how many General Sale tickets we will be able to put on sale for each specific area.

There will be many restrictions in place at these first few games for the safety of us all. Failing to follow this guidance could result in a return to No Crowds which I’m sure none of us want. Therefore it is imperative that we follow all the guidance and attend in a responsible manner.

Please consider how you are going to get to the Mobile Rocket stadium whether that be by car, public transport or walking. There will be no public parking available at the Stadium other than those with seasonal passes.

Discover where your entry point to the Stadium will be and have your ticket available for ticket checks before entry, leaving yourself ample time to access as there will inevitably be a longer process to access the Stadium.

When entering the Stadium, please wear your face covering whilst you walk to your viewing position. The General rule will be that you must wear your face covering whilst walking about in the Stadium. If you are in your viewing position then you may remove your face covering.

Please try to refrain from bringing any sort of bags as this will also slow down the whole entry process.

Please co-operate with Stadium staff. They are there for your safety and the safety of others.

We will be operating a staggered entry system. Western Terrace will open at 1.45, North Stand & East Seated will open at 2pm and East Standing will open at 2.15. The end of game will be a managed exit system and stewards will be on hand to guide everyone.

Lastly we need your co-operation and understanding. Hopefully this will only be short term and we all have to manage and get on with it.

Attached is a supporters code of conduct that everyone will have to adhere to. Click CODE OF CONDUCT!

I really look forward to welcoming you all back to Live Rugby League. Lets do it all safely so that the Return of Crowds is here to stay.

Kind Regards

Michael Carter