February 6, 2018

Crofton Academy Become Ninth Player Development School

Crofton Academy have joined eight other schools to be accredited as an England Player Development School in partnership with Wakefield Trinity.

Ten teachers endured the first of a two-part CPD session yesterday afternoon with the focus being on understanding the role games-based sessions can have on core skill development.

The England Talent Pathway programme has four strands seen within its’ curriculum resource and at open-access development days. These are Game Sense, Athletic Development, Coachability and Mental which relate to the creation of not just a better player, but a better person.

One discussion point during the up-skilling workshop surrounded the need to adapt to the curriculum and knowing how to be a teacher, and not just a coach. Games-based sessions increase skill opportunities but there has to be a technical element of teaching to align with curriculum needs.

This programme ticks both boxes and is wholly inclusive of every participant which has a holistic effect on their health and wellbeing also.

As part of the relationship, Crofton Academy will encourage their students to attend the open-access development days to be held at Kettlethorpe High School whilst also delivering the ETP curriculum in school sessions.

Head of PE, Alex Miller, said “We all really enjoyed it and are delighted to be the latest school to be accredited with Wakefield Trinity. Can’t wait for the practical session and everything else that follows.”

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