December 1, 2022

Become a Shareholder in Wakefield Trinity

Wakefield Trinity RLFC are inviting expressions of interest from individuals who may be interested in investing in the club.

As the club celebrates 150 years of history in 2023 and with the completion of the current phase of ground redevelopment in time for the 2024 season these are exciting times for Wakefield Trinity. The Board and shareholders have decided this is an appropriate moment to invite interested parties to invest in the club.

Such investment will provide an opportunity to accelerate plans as we prepare for the opportunities and challenges of applying for Grade A status in the game from 2025 onwards.


As well as inviting those with potentially large amounts to invest, the club is intending to issue “Member shares” to supporters who may be interested in investing relatively modest amounts in tranches of £500. This may appeal to those who would like to feel a sense of ownership and be closer to the activities of the club than at present but are not seeking any voting participation or financial return and do not have a desire to take an active part in the running of the club.

Member shareholders investing £500 will enjoy a range of tangible benefits from the club including:

· attendance at up to three shareholders’ meetings per year including the Annual General Meeting

· 10% discount on match-day hospitality in the banqueting suite in the new East Stand

· behind the scenes members’ events with players and backroom staff such as “open training days”

· their name recorded on a “role of honour” to be displayed within the new East Stand

As a truly unique opportunity, for those who subscribe before 31 December 2022, all member shareholders will be invited to sign a piece of the steelwork of the new East Stand to be situated at the pitch facing entrance to the new Executive Restaurant. An opportunity to leave a mark in the stadium for potentially the next 150 years!


For those individuals whose investment contribution amounts to £1,000 or more in Member Shares, the following additional benefits will be available:

· two complimentary match-day tickets for the new banqueting suite for a match of their choice in each of the three seasons 2024-26

· a complimentary subscription to Trinity TV for the same period

Member shareholders will participate in a class of shares that would not attract voting or dividend rights. Member shares are aimed at those who would like to back up their support for the club with a financial investment but without the desire to participate in the running of the club.


For those who would like a more active role within the club, we are making a separate offer of “Owner shares” available with a suggested, but not mandated, minimum subscription of £50,000. Supporters who would like further information on this opportunity should contact the club via the Investment email below.

We very much hope that many of our loyal supporters will wish to take up the opportunity to become member shareholders. For those for whom that is not possible we will continue to value your contribution in terms of tickets, merchandise, and your very special vocal support.

Anyone wishing to invest can fill out our Member shares form through by clicking HERE!

For further any information or for any questions, please you can simply email

You can watch a full interview with our Chairman, John Minards, on Trinity TV for free. Visit