May 24, 2017

Youth Energy Partnership

We are delighted to announce a new partnership with drinks company, Youth Energy.  Youth Energy is a new 100% natural energy drink that is all about youthful living and wellbeing.


The company, led by Jason Freeman and Lee Bateman, decided to take a select group of their favourite plants and put them in a drink that would provide energy, yet still be good to the body.


The product will be used by the Wakefield Trinity first team and will be sold by our Supplements and Nutrition Partner Screwgym Wear.


Youth Energy Chief Executive Jason Freeman said, “This is a fantastic opportunity and honour for our company to be associated with such an amazing club like Wakefield Trinity. We look forward to hopefully having a long successful partnership with this great club.”


National Sales Manager Lee Bateman, “It’s been a real pleasure working with the management team at the club to get this partnership across the line. Now I look forward to watching the players benefit from our great product on the field.”


Verity Thomas, Commercial Manager at Trinity, echoes the guys’ enthusiasm, “This product is a great fit for the club and our first team players, we look forward to working with both Jason and Lee going forward!”


To find out more about Youth Energy visit their website and to give their products a try visit the Screwgym Wear store in Normanton.