Weight Management For Men

29th March, 2017

We are now looking for men to join the Wakefield Trinity: Weight Management Programme to start on Thursday 6th April. It is a men only project and there will be no charge to join the programme.

Thanks to our continued local partnership with Wakefield Council, men across the whole of Wakefield District seeking to shed a few pounds can benefit from the programme. Led by staff from the club and the community trust, the programme will focus on increasing activity levels and how men can learn about diet and healthy living for weight loss, how to set goals and monitor their eating and physical activity, and can obtain assistance in making long-term changes to maintain losses.

It is aimed at men below 65 years of age who do not presently exercise with a view to entice them to their local rugby club rather than visit a gym.

The programme will begin on 6th April for 10 weekly sessions each lasting one hour covering the assessment and advice, HiiT, strength and conditioning, and rugby specific cardio sessions. We aim to have between 10 to 15 men aged below 65 who currently do less than three 30 minutes of exercise weekly and/or have a Body Mass Index of above 25. We will perform measurements at the start and end of the project to evaluate the success of individual participants so that we can report on the success of the whole programme. For further information then please contact [email protected]