March 6, 2020

Wakefield Trinity’s Policy on Pyrotechnics

Wakefield Trinity would like to remind fans that the use of pyrotechnics are strictly forbidden both at the Mobile Rocket Stadium and at all away games.

Wakefield Trinity Chief Executive, Michael Carter: “Wakefield Trinity encourage our fans to be vocal, passionate and support the team. However, we expect them to be respectful and uphold not only the values of our Club, but of the game of Rugby League.

“Thank you to those fans that do uphold these values and represent our Club in an outstanding manner. Regrettably, there are a small number of individuals that don’t. One of the values that must be upheld when following our Club is that we follow all the rules and regulations of the stadiums in which we visit. All stadiums in the Betfred Super League, including the Mobile Rocket Stadium, have a strict zero-tolerance policy regarding the use of flares and smoke bombs.

“We have recently issued two life-time bans and if any person is found to have committed this offence they will also be issued with a life-time ban. The message is clear; fans who plan to bring pyrotechnics, flares, smoke bombs etc are not welcome at Wakefield Trinity RLFC.”