January 10, 2020

Wakefield Trinity Players Association

This week sees the launch of Wakefield Trinity’s Players Association. With a great history behind them and over 1400 players wearing the red, white and blue since 1895, a committee has been formed with an aim of raising money to help and assist Trinity players, past and present, with a dinner and a golf day already planned with the successful Hall of Fame continuing.

Neil Fox MBE is the association President with former player, Gary Spencer, working as chairman. Present player, Danny Kirmond, is also offering his valued support to the five man committee, which is also offering reduced priced season and match day tickets for all Trinity games, discounts in the club shop, quarterly newsletters with heritage certificates also presented members. Club Historian, Lee Robinson, and General Manager, Jonathan Schofield, complete the committee.

All prospective members can contact Lee Robinson on trinity-heritage@sky.com or 07702 095118 or locals can call in at the Trinity Shop in the Ridings Centre for further details.

Chairman, Gary Spencer noted, “I am so pleased that Wakefield Trinity, with such a fantastic history, has decided to establish a Players Association. I believe that every player who has worn the shirt whether for a handful of games, or legend status such as Neil Fox, MBE, will appreciate what the club are doing. As a former player and fan, I think it’s great that Wakefield have recognised the contribution made by every player. I hope that everyone gets on board and behind the Association and make it a massive success. It would be great to see players at the games, and cheer on the lads, to hopefully a successful season. I am honoured to be asked to be part of the Association along with legends such as Neil Fox & Danny Kirmond. I hope that the fans & businesses of Wakefield support any functions organised in the future

Player Welfare Manager Stu Dickens added: “As Welfare Manager, we feel it’s really important to keep a lot of past players involved with the club. When players retire they drift away and lose contact with people, so I think it’s really important that we relaunch the Players Association and we feel like we’ve got a real strong base with Gary Spencer and Danny Kirmond fronting it.

“We’ve got a few positive events coming up this year including the dinner, which will tie in with a couple of anniversaries and there’s also going to be a golf day. We’re really positive about this and we’re hoping that we’re going to get a lot of past players coming down to games and mixing in. We’re going to try and build that in with a couple of local derbies and see if we can get the past players committee’s from other clubs over and have some celebration events throughout the year too.”