Wakefield Community Trust Pleased With Sky Try Programme

19th April, 2017

Sky Try is a seven year programme that supports and develops grassroots participation of Rugby League across the UK. 

The aim of the Sky Try project is to empower Rugby League clubs’ charitable Foundations across the country to make a massive difference by delivering new opportunities to play, watch and become involved in the sport.

The initiative will reach over 100,000 people of all ages each year with the intention of increasing the number of people regularly involved in community clubs or as spectators and viewers.

Wakefield Community Trust General Manager Mick Amos said “We would like to thank Sky Try for enabling us to reach out to so many young people and introduce them to our great Sport. We know that fun, development and enjoyment are the key principles for young people to start playing Rugby League.

 “These principles need to be maintained so that they continue to want to play the game for many years to come. Our Community department try hard to ensure that children have the best possible experience in Schools and through our festivals.”

Describing player experiences and satisfaction levels Mick added, “I personally love watching children express themselves and do something better than what they did the week before. It might be a pass, a good tackle or a side step. It is pleasing for coaches and parents to see the small things that put a smile on the children’s faces. Doing this on the Wakefield Trinity pitch makes it extra special. I can still remember (just) doing the exact same thing years ago and then watching my heroes play on the same pitch I had just played on! I wore my Billy Conway tie ups down to the last strand of cotton!”

The Wakefield Trinity Community Trust has regular festivals for Schools and Community Clubs. James Stephenson said “Through the Sky Try programme, our Community Department can make the big games bigger. When we recently played Leigh Centurions we had 17 teams and over 170 players participating in a fantastic SkyTry festival down here at the Beaumont Legal Stadium. We take great pleasure when new fans get actively involved in watching their children and the Wakefield Trinity team”.

He added, “Our Ambassador clubs now have regular opportunities to experience these fun and engaging festivals in a stadium environment whilst also getting closer to and meeting to the Wakefield Trinity and opposition players.”

Mick Amos said “The Sky Try process starts with Community Officers going into Schools to deliver Primary Rugby League (PRL) to children 6-11 years of age and England Talent Pathway (ETP) to 12-16 years of age. Players are signposted to local community clubs to continue playing.

“Community Development Manager James Stephenson is rightly proud of the awards the department have recently won. Best Match day campaign in the Super League awards; RL Cares Special commendation for outstanding ETP delivery and voted the best ETP national delivery partner in 2016. These wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work of the whole team here at Wakefield Trinity and importantly the tireless efforts of coaches, parents and volunteers at our great ambassador clubs. Their work deserves special praise and we sincerely value their continued support and commitment”.

Further details of Sky Try can be found by visiting here.