May 2, 2018

Trinity TV Has A Brand New Look

Trinity TV has got a brand new look!

On Tuesday, Trinity TV had a small face lift and has now got a brand new look. The new layout will make it easier to watch your favourite videos 24/7 which includes full coverage of our home and away Super League and Challenge Cup games alongside exclusive interviews and behind the scenes footage.

Supporters who are already subscribed to Trinity TV will have been emailed to confirm that your account has been transferred and ready to use, please check your spam and junk folders.

The new video platform shares logon accounts with our current ticket management system My Sports Tickets, so if you already have an account for buying tickets you can use this account to login, if you don’t already have an account a new one will be setup and an email will be sent to you with a link to setup a new password.

If you need any assistance getting logged please email

If you would like to become a new subscriber, then please watch our social media channels as we are giving away some free one week passes.