August 24, 2018

Trinity to Launch Fanbassador Scheme

Wakefield Trinity are launching a Fanbassador Scheme which will see approximately 10 fans to create a fan-based focus group.

The focus groups will be held on a monthly basis at the Mobile Rocket Stadium and will be looking at each aspect of the club and what we can do to improve. This stems from retail, marketing, advertising, media, commercial, community etc. The groups will also be used to generate ideas from brainstorming sessions.

Marketing Manager, Adam Sweeney stated, “I think launching the Wakefield Trinity Fanbassador Scheme is another step in the right direction for the club. It’s imperative that we listen to what the supporters have to say. They’re the ones that turn up week after week and essentially keep the club going and we want to do right by them.

“We want to be able to take on board their ideas & opinions on how we can improve from a fans perspective and implement as many of their ideas as possible going forward, to continue making this a club that they’re proud of.”

To register your interest, please email Marketing Manager Adam Sweeney on