September 18, 2017

Trinity Partner with C-R-Y

Wakefield Trinity Community Trust join a partnership with C-R-Y and the Rory James Embling Foundation for heart screening.

Rory Embling was a 26-year-old sport loving young man from Ackworth, Wakefield; he tragically passed away in May 2014 suddenly, on route with friends to an event in Nottingham.

It was later determined to have been a detectable heart defect that took his life. Had Rory been screened at any point during the decade leading up to his death he may well have been here with us today.

Craig Shepherd, General Manager of Wakefield Trinity Community Trust said, “We are proud to partner with the Rory James Embling Foundation. Over 800 deaths per year are preventable with a simple screening process, by assisting C-R-Y with fundraising every penny raised will fund a screening for 14-35 year olds and hopefully prevent a few more local friends and family leaving us too soon.”

“I remember 2008-2009 when we sadly lost Adam Watene and Leon Walker due to heart abnormalities. They will never be forgotten but we can all play our part in prevention. We have scholarship players through to first team players who would benefit from a screening not to mention the supporters of Wakefield Trinity.”

The Wigan game this Saturday will see a bucket collection from Rory’s family, friends and supporters of the cause. Chris Embling, Rory’s father, works tirelessly to make a difference alongside his wife, Anne, and daughter, Francesca.

Chris commented, “Losing a child is unimaginable, life is never the same again. If we can prevent another parent from losing a child then our efforts are worthwhile. Please give generously, only if you can, but give from the heart.”

On behalf of the Wakefield Trinity Community Trust we thank you for your support of C-R-Y, not only at the Wigan game but in the future.