November 21, 2022

Trinity Healthy Holidays returns for Christmas

After a busy year of school, there is only one way to spend the first week of Christmas, as we announce our Trinity Healthy Holidays camps.

Working with Wakefield Council, this will be the first time our Healthy Holiday camps have spilt over into the festive season as we look to maintain momentum following an incredible Summer and Autumn.

Run by our experienced staff, participants will be subjected to a range of activities, including multi-sport sessions and food making & tasting.

We will also be hosting street dance sessions with our unbelievable DanceXplosion squad as we look to maintain positive and healthy living through a range of exciting games and activities.

The camp will run from Monday, 16th to Thursday, 22nd December 2022 at the Be Well Support Stadium from 10am to 2:30pm, with participants from five to 16 available to sign up.

Speaking on the project, Head of Foundation, Mark Brennan, said, “We are delighted to be bringing back our Trinity Healthy Holiday sessions for December.

“Thanks to Wakefield Council, we have had massive amounts of success over the course of the year on these camps and we can’t wait to welcome our participants back for the Christmas season.”

To sign up, please click HERE or for more information, please email our Media & Commercial Executive, William Moore, at