April 21, 2022

Trinity coach called up to England Students

Wakefield Trinity Ladies’ Strength & Conditioning coach, John Heaton, has been called up to support England Students Ladies ahead of their up-and-coming international fixtures.

Starting at the Be Well Support Stadium just two seasons ago, John has built up quite a repour with the players he has trained with, taking a different tack, and returning to the sport within the women’s game.

Since his arrival, player performance has increased, dedicating his time away from lecturing at Wakefield College to support our Ladies’ programme.

“Having a few years away from professional Rugby League was great but trying to help to improve the Ladies game and provide them with professional support is really important to me.

“Working with the elite young talent in the country is a real honour.”

Being part of the Ladies’ journey over the last couple of years has offered John a good understanding of how the game works, taking time out to attend weekly training sessions and games.

This goes alongside his time at Wakefield College, and he believes that having that experience and standing will only benefit him in the future.

“This is my second season at Wakefield and actually only my second season in the Ladies’ game,” he explained.

“I am still learning, and whilst there are a lot of similarities to coaching in the men’s game, strength training can have a massive impact on performance and injury prevention.

“I’m hoping the hierarchy here at Wakefield appreciates this and continues to support the Ladies.”

John isn’t the only member of the Ladies’ side familiar with the international stage, with players Becky Grady and Amy Bennett included in the England Students squad at the turn of the year.

With a World Cup on the horizon, things are looking up in the Women’s game and there will be plenty of opportunities to grow throughout 2022.

“I’ve only had the opportunity to meet the coaching team and the girls once and I was very impressed.

“I know Becky (Grady) and Amy (Bennett) from Wakefield, along with James Stephenson, which has helped me settle.

“It’s a great opportunity to work with international players and I’d love to be involved with the World Cup in some way.”

Everyone at the club would like to wish John a huge congratulations and good luck to England Students in their upcoming games.