May 2, 2023

Train Like Trin receives great feedback

Wakefield Trinity Community Foundation is delighted with the feedback we have received from our maiden Train Like Trin programme.

Relaunching in January, the Foundation has seen an incredible uptake in participants over the last couple of months, hitting heights of around 20+ participants per session throughout the programme.

With a mix of strength exercises and cardiovascular-improving routines, the sessions are run by specialised company & Wakefield Trinity sponsor, A2 Fitness, as we look to promote physical and mental wellbeing throughout those situated across the district.

Speaking on the programme’s popularity, the Foundation’s Head of Education & Health, Luke Shale, said, “We were delighted to see such a large improvement of participants take part in our most-recent Train Like Trin sessions.

“As it was the first time we have run the newly-launched programme, we were very unsure with how many people we would see come down, but we are blown away.

“We hope everyone who took part enjoyed their gruelling sessions & we look forward to seeing some new, and old, faces when the programme comes back towards the end of this month.”


Kurtis Lamb 

“I feel like I have improved massively! I’m stronger and its highlighted deficiencies I need to work on. The sessions laid out by Joe felt professional but offered flexibility for everyone’s differing fitness levels. It felt everyone could give their best without been judged.”

Tony Bowling

“It is great getting together with like-minded people has helped mental well-being. All good people, all looking to help each other and work together. I enjoyed the fitness and feel better for it. I hope it was the kick I needed to get me back again.”

John Layton

 “I have suffered from bipolar in the past, so it was great for me. Unfortunately, my job just gets in the way making it every week. I have really enjoyed meeting new people; it’s been a good laugh.”

Martin Smith

“My physical and mental state as improved by fifty per cent and I have also lost a few pounds over the course of the sessions. All the exercises have been very good, and I have enjoyed meeting some new people.” 

Brian Carlton

“I feel fitter, and it has definitely made me progress. It has given me the push to get back into exercising again, which I really needed. I like the variety of exercises in each session. Good bunch attending, too. The competition at the end is good fun. All of the trainers did a good job and Joe pushes us.”

More details on the return of Train Like Trin will be made available in due course, with the sessions looking to return at the end of May. For more information on our variety of Health projects, please email