March 9, 2022

Tickets and £1 travel available for Warrington away!

For our next away game against Warrington Wolves on Saturday 19th March, you can travel for just £1 per person!!

Trinity face the Wolves at the early time of 12:30 due to Channel 4 coverage and our CEO Michael Carter is urging fans to take advantage of this great offer.

“We are on Channel 4 against Warrington and it is imperative that we contribute fully to the game and the atmosphere,” said Carter.

“We must travel in numbers to show that we are a worthy part of Super League. With this in mind, we we will subsidise bus travel over there and you will only have to pay £1 to travel to the game.

“I hope all of you will take advantage of this tremendous offer and we have a great following in the away end, that will be loud on the day. We need that away support more than ever!”

Tickets for the fixture are also now available in store!

#AwayDays #UpTheTrin