February 5, 2020

The Big Project

2020 is going to be BIG for the Wakefield Trinity Community Foundation! 

The BIG Project will run throughout 2020, with the charity targeting three areas in which it can make a real difference to people within the Wakefield district: 

  • Homelessness
  • Mental Health
  • Poverty

The first BIG event of the year will be The BIG Sleep, on Saturday May 30th

Using Wakefield Trinity’s home of the Mobile Rocket Stadium, local business leaders, partners of the Foundation and residents of the city will sleep out on the terraces of the famous ground where the club have played since 1895. 

Figures analysed by the charity Homeless Link have shown an increase of 165% in those estimated to be sleeping rough since 2010, with data from 2018 showing one of the areas with the largest percentage increases in the prior twelve months was Yorkshire and the Humber (19%). 

The BIG Sleep will raise both awareness of those who sleep rough in the district, and money for the vulnerable communities in Wakefield. This money will be placed in a ring fenced pot, with local charities and community organisations able to “bid in” to help them deliver their projects in the area. 

Following on Saturday June 20th is The BIG Festival.

Bringing together both sport and music, teams will make donations to take part in a touch rugby tournament held on the famous turf, with local bands providing the entertainment on the terraces, with a BBQ and other food and drinks available to create a great, fun event in a family environment.  

Money raised from this will support the Foundation’s new Mental Health project, The BIG Listen.

Starting in September, The BIG Listen hopes to raise awareness of mental health issues in schools and deliver topics to support those in Year 10 and 11 with the stresses of their personal life on top of studying for exams. 

Statistics published by Young Minds show 1 in 6 young people (16-24) show symptoms of a common mental health issue such as depression, and these could cause further issues into adulthood.  

The project also aims to increase the number of Young Mental Health First Aiders within schools to identify those who may need more advice and to point them towards those who can help further.

The BIG 2020 ends with The BIG Feed in December, as the Foundation, using some of the money raised earlier in the year from The BIG Sleep, aims to feed 500 people who are either homeless, sleeping rough, or in poverty, with numbers able to be increases based on success of earlier projects and demand. 

Last December, the Wakefield Express reported that users of just one Food Bank in Ossett had gone from 77 in 2017 to over 300 in 2019. 

All projects undertaken by the Foundation, BIG or small, couldn’t take place without the help and support of partners and donors to it. The Wakefield Trinity Community Foundation is the official charity of Betfred Super League club Wakefield Trinity, but is a separate and self-financed organisation.

Those wanting to support the works of the Foundation, or for further information, should call 01924 211611 or e-mail Craig Shepherd, Head of the Foundation at craig.shepherd@wakefieldtrinity.com