May 16, 2018

Tackling Mental Health With Wakefield College

This week marks Mental Health Awareness Week and Wakefield Trinity has teamed up with Wakefield College to help tackle issues around counselling and mental health.

The College recently set-up a bespoke counselling course for coaching staff from the club for the benefit of players.

Wakefield Trinity Welfare Manager and Assistant Coach, Stuart Dickens explained, “Having 30 players in our first squad is challenging and my role as Welfare Manager is to make sure the players are in a healthy state of mind. Modern day players face all sorts of challenges and ensuring they remain positive and in a strong mindset is important to them performing well on the pitch week in week out.”

Stuart also explained how the counselling course is helping him further his knowledge and skills allowing him to better understand the players outlooks. Stuart added, “Becoming a qualified counsellor is a key part of my role and the skills I am learning are constantly being used and developed to help our players on a daily basis.”

Corinne Barker, Deputy Head of Curriculum for Care and Early Years, said, “Issues around mental health affect millions of people from all backgrounds and ages and it is vital that more people can get qualified in counselling and therapy.

“We are delighted to be working with the Wakefield Trinity and were more than happy to set up a bespoke training course for their needs.”

The College offers a range of counselling courses ranging from a Level 2 Award in Counselling Concepts up to a Level 4 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling. For more information please call the Course Information Team on 01924 789111 or visit