We are delighted that [a limited number of] home fans are once again entitled to attend Wakefield Trinity RLFC matches.  We have changed our operating practices to ensure that we comply with Government and RFL guidance and regulations.

This guide is intended to advise you of those changes and provide you with other information that you need to know in advance of attending any match at The Mobile Rocket Stadium.

As you will appreciate the situation in relation to Covid-19 is constantly evolving we will seek to keep you updated as to any changes to our operating practices via the Club website and social media.

Due to the reduced capacity to meet Government we will not be allowing visiting supporters to attend Whilst this guide relates to matches at The Mobile Rocket Stadium should supporters wish to travel to away games, they should make direct contact with the host Club to check on their supporter policy.


Only spectators with valid match tickets bought in advance of the match, may attend matches. Tickets will not be available on Game Day.

Spectators will be able to purchase match tickets from the Club Shop in the Ridings Shopping Centre

Spectators will only be able to purchase match tickets as individuals unless a group booking is made by individuals from the same household or the same social bubble as per Government guidance details. This information will be held for 21 days and then deleted.


This is to ensure appropriate Social Distancing at the ground.

Prior to purchasing tickets, you will be asked to:

confirm that you have read the Spectator Code of Conduct, available on the Club website Confirm that you have considered the associated risks of attending a match and your own vulnerability status via the following links:



provide accurate contact information for everyone attending in your group to assist with NHS test and trace requirements, (you will be prompted)

That in purchasing a ticket you understand and accept all the above statements and will abide by all requirements.

confirm you will abide by all other requirements the Club may set out in advance of the match including but not limited to the use of face coverings.

confirm that you are a supporter of Wakefield Trinity RLFC

Seats will be allocated with two seats between separate bookings to seek to ensure compliance with Social Distancing Guidelines.  In Standing areas, spectators will still have to observe Social Distancing which will be managed by our Crowd Safety Stewards Seats cannot be reserved.

When purchasing a match ticket, spectators will be asked how they are travelling to the match to assist the Clubs planning with local transport providers about the likely impact on services. General parking will not be available at the Stadium advice will provided on safe areas to park and asked to Google ‘car parks near to WF1 5EY’.

When purchasing a match ticket this can only be for home games, away fans are not

Upon purchasing a match ticket, the Club will confirm at point of sale or by email that you will be abide the Spectator Code of Behaviour and have confirmed you are aware of the associated risks of attending a match.

Spectators with disabilities when purchasing match tickets should contact the Club ticket office to discuss any adjustments that may be required to ensure their safety and comfort, including considering Covid-19 regulation.




Food and Beverage kiosks will not be open on match days in Standing zones, seated areas and Hospitality will have restricted services.

Contactless payment will be available and preferred, but cash will be accepted.

Toilet facilities will be available in all supporter zones, monitored by Crowd Safety Stewards, regular sanitising will take place. Supporters will be required to wash or sanitise their hands following us of the facilities.

Spectators may bring in a small back (no more than 15”) bottled water, bottled soft drinks and snack items.

Hand sanitisation stations will be positioned at all entry and exit points, toilets, and safe movement areas. Supporters will be encouraged to bring their own sanitiser to limit queues and movement to sanitising stations.

Face coverings must be worn throughout the game on the East Paddock, West Terrace and North Terrace Standing areas. and for all zones face coverings will be required at all times when moving around the Stadium, using facilities both indoors and out, Seated areas supporters will be advised on avoiding ‘brushing’ when moving from seats and provided it is safe to do so to pass others with their back turned or alternatively with their face turned away others [Face coverings will be mandated indoors and in all covered communal/covered areas including on entry and in concourses, queues, toilets etc.


The Club advises all supporters to plan their journey with the safest option being direct from home to the Stadium avoiding mixing in crowded places before attending the Stadium avoid crowded areas,

The Club advises all supporters to avoid public transport where possible. Where unavoidable spectators should ensure they are compliant with government guidance such as face coverings.

Supporters using public transport should check with WY Metro (www.wymetro.co) for times and services that serve Belle Vue.

There will be no general parking at the Stadium on game day Supporters should plan ahead on where to park, off street parking is limited, car parks are available in walking distance, for mor information google ‘car parks near WF1 5EY’.

Supporters walking or cycling to the Stadium please ensure that you know your entry point and plan your route to avoid crossing other entry points.


Supporters will be contacted on game day to remind of risks associated with attending and to consider any symptoms they may have before travelling.

Supporters must not attend if they (or any member of their household) are experiencing any of the following symptoms:

  • a high temperature (37.8 of higher)
  • a new onset of a continuous cough
  • loss of or change in normal sense of taste or smell

Or. they have been requested to isolate by NHS Track and Trace.


Entry and exit times will be managed so that everyone can enter and exit in a controlled and safe manner.

All ticket holders will be informed of their entry time, entry point and the entry point shown on the ticket.  Game end exiting will be staggered to avoid congesting and crossing.

WEST TERRACE STAND GATE D Arthur Street (Entry and Exit

NORTH TERRACE STAND Welbeck Street (Entry and Exit)

EAST PADDOCK STANDING Doncaster Road (Entry and Exit)

EAST STAND SEATED Doncaster Road (Entry and Exit) (No Reserved Seating)

HOSPITALITY Doncaster Road (Gate F) (Entry and Exit









Following advice from the local PHE representative we will not be conducting temperatures checks of supporters.

Bags are restricted to a size of no more than, 15” and where possible not to bring a bag at all during our restricted operation Along with restrictions under Government and local guidelines the Stadium Regulations remain valid (the Stadium Regulations are displayed at the Stadium and available on the Club website www.wakefieldtrinity.com)

Game end supporters must leave the area safely and promptly.


Supporters in the East Stand must remain within their seats at all times unless accessing the facilities.

Supporters in standing areas must follow Social Distancing guidelines remaining in ‘bubbles’ and keeping 1m apart from other supporters. Crowd Safety Stewards will be monitoring and advising.

To assist spectators, signage has been installed throughout the stadium, spectators should follow this signage when moving around the ground including when accessing any facilities.

Supporters remain responsible for the supervision of children in their care.

Regular reminders to endorse Social Distancing using the PA system Crowd Safety Stewards will provide a constant monitoring service. Control Room operators will monitor using CCTV.

Appropriate messaging will be carried out to remind supporters via the PA system about the exiting procedures which have been circulated to all spectators prior to the match this will include.

  • use the hand sanitisers provided. Or their own
  • respect the wellbeing of other supporters and Stadium staff.

Supporters wishing to raise any concerns should contact a Crowd Safety Steward, concerns or feedback can also be reported by email to info@wakefieldtrinity.com



In the case of illness whilst at the Stadium must contact the nearest Crowd Safety Steward as a precaution will be moved to an isolation room and twill then be managed in line with guidelines.

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