March 18, 2020

Subscribe to Club 1873 & Squadbuilder online!

Fans can now subscribe to Squadbuilder and Club 1873 Lottery via My Sports Online!

Similar to Trinity TV, fans can now subscribe by following just a few simple steps.

Step 1: Simply follow this link –

Step 2: Select your subscription choice. In this section, there are options for Squadbuilder (Monthly & Yearly), Club 1873 Lottery (1 line, 2 lines, 5 lines and 10 lines), and Trinity TV (Monthly & Yearly).

Step 3: Once selected, click checkout and enter your email and password (you may need to register if you’re new to this!)

Step 4: Follow the routine steps to complete your subscription.

CEO, Michael Carter, commented: “Obviously in the last week or so I’ve had plenty of calls from people about how the club can raise money during this very difficult period. First and foremost, we want everybody to be safe and survive out there, so we’re not asking fans to give money that they don’t have. However, there have been a lot of people who have been asking how they can contribute and keep the club going.

“This morning, we’ve set up an online system where people can subscribe to Squadbuilder, get more lines in the Club 1873 Lottery, and they can subscribe to Trinity TV. All these things really do help, and we’ll be putting more and more content from retro years onto Trinity TV.”

Watch the full interview with Michael on Trinity TV HERE