Staff Directory


Chairman: John Minards

CEO: Michael Carter

Directors: John Minards, Michael Carter, Denise Teal, John Allott

 General & Stadium

General Manager: Kevin Preston –

Facilities Manager: Paul Presley –


Commercial Manager: Verity Thomas –

Commercial Executive: Vicky Carver –

Media & Communications

Media Manager: Connor Grace –

Communications & Admin Executive: Matthew Bell –

Ticketing, Retail, Lottery & Squad Builder 

Retail Manager: Darren Pitchforth –

Lottery, Squad Builder & Customer Experience Executive: Darren Williams –


Head of Foundation: Mark Brennan –

Head of Education & NCS: Luke Shale –

Education Lead: Paddy Guest –

PE Specialist: Lucas Middleton –

PE Specialist: Billy Greensmith –

PE Specialist: Ezra Pickles –

NCS Lead: Yasmin Lanouar –

NCS Coordinator: Mason Atkinson –

Project Officer: Jason Talbot –

Project Officer: David Firth –

Women & Girl’s Rugby Development Officer: Saskia Lewis –

Rugby League & Inclusion Officer: Charlie Doherty –

Media & Commercial Executive –