October 20, 2023

RZ-Clean-Seal® support the Foundation’s Rugby League in Schools programme

Wakefield Trinity Community Foundation is delighted to announce that RZ-Clean-Seal® has become the first-ever partner of our Rugby League in Schools programme.

As a Foundation with Rugby League at the heart of everything we do, growing the sport from the ground up and improving the foundations on which the game is built is of utmost importance.

Since our integration, working with schools and combining Education & Rugby League has always been important, growing the programme over the years to now work in multiple schools across West Yorkshire.

However, now, we aim to expand, increase our school participation, drive up the number of schools we deliver in and help boost numbers.

Through this, we have secured a ground-breaking partnership with RZ-Clean-Seal®, who have pledged funds to grow our portfolio to an extra five Secondary Schools & 11 Primary Schools throughout the 2023/24 academic year.

With High Schools receiving very limited funds for a Rugby League provision, the Foundation will be investing in year-long girls’ sessions for those aged between 11 and 16, ending in Inter-School Festivals next Summer.

While, as a way to further expand junior Rugby League in Wakefield, the Foundation will be growing the number of Primary Schools that don’t already receive our curriculum, offering them blocks of the sport for half price courtesy of the sponsorship.

Speaking on RZ-Clean-Seal® becoming our first-ever RL in Schools partner, Foundation Media & Commercial Executive, William Moore, said, “I am really pleased that Geoff and RZ-Clean- Seal® have opted to sponsor our Rugby League in Schools programme for 23/24.

“This is a history-making moment for the Foundation, with a Commercial Package of this nature never being presented before. The fact that it combines Rugby League & Education is extremely important to us.

“I cannot thank Geoff and Jake enough for their support, it really will make a huge difference.”

While Managing Director of RZ-Clean Seal®, Geoff Hunt, followed, “We are excited and proud to be involved in a fantastic programme and support the great work the Foundation team do.

“As a Wakefield-based business, we feel it is our responsibility to support and help bring through the future stars of tomorrow.”

For more information on RZ-Clean Seal® and the services they provide, please click HERE. Alternatively, for more information on our Rugby League in Schools programme, please email luke.shale@wakefieldtrinity.com.