November 3, 2023

Matt Ellis Discusses IMG Grading Criteria: Finances

Good Evening everyone, hope you all have a pleasant weekend and are looking forward to our new kit launch tomorrow morning.

The launch takes place at our retail store in the Ridings Centre at 10am with a Facebook Live Stream starting from 9:30am for those of you who can’t make it along. I hope all those who attend really enjoy the big reveal. The kit will also be available to purchase online from 10am.

We are reverting to our traditional colours on the home kit and I would like to thank Darren Pitchforth for his hard work on the design and Verity Thomas on securing the sponsorship deals. The club and myself also thank all our sponsors for their continued support. In the second instalment of the 5 statements based around the IMG pillars I would like to discuss finance.

IMG Grading


I would like to start the statement with what I feel is the most important question on most supporters minds, i.e. what is the players and coaching staff budget for this season? Well, I can assure all supporters that the budget for next season is one of the most/if not the most competitive of any team in the  Championship. It  will be significantly more than any Championship side in the 2023 season. Our ambitions are to bounce back first time and no expense has been spared on the backroom and coaching staff. Looking forward to our ultimate goal of being back in Super League. 


My intentions, once we are there, are to spend the full salary cap and above with the addition of marquee players. If we are going to have top 6 ambitions it is essential that our salary cap spend is in line with that of the other top clubs. With the extra owner investment being brought in to the club, this will improve one of the points scoring criteria for IMG in the form of owner investment. 


Whilst extra points in that scoring category are guaranteed with my investment we still need to be aware of the IMG scoring category that is based around club generated turnover. This means every penny our supporters spend goes towards the IMG grading score. 


Season tickets will go on sale next week and hopefully the new price points and monthly payment options will make following the club more affordable to our loyal supporters and new potential supporters. I can assure you that all the income generated will be used to improve the club and improve the IMG score and obviously will assist with further investment into the playing squad and facilities at the club. You have an owner that aligns with  your ambitions for the club. 


Let’s work together to build the most successful Wakefield Trinity side on and off the field since the glory days of the 1950’s and 1960’s Have a great weekend everyone and hope you all like the new 2024 kit.


Matt Ellis, Owner