March 23, 2020

From the Chairman

When I wrote my notes for ‘The Mighty Trin’ in January, ahead of the start of the season, I thought I would write again, about now, and be reflecting on the inevitable ups and downs of the early season as well as reporting the latest (good) news about the stadium redevelopment. How things have changes for Wakefield Trinity – and the world – over the past couple of months!

Before I turn to matters affecting the Club, including stadium redevelopment, I feel I must refer to a far, far more important matter. We all have a fundamental duty to each other to FOLLOW THE ADVICE ON SOCIAL DISTANCING. We are a Club that believes in consistently doing the “right thing” in every situation, on and off the field. There has hardly been a more important issue affecting society, certainly not in my lifetime, so please DO IT NOW. We want everyone associated with Wakefield Trinity and the wider Community to stay safe and come through this epidemic as best we all can.

The current crisis has of course impacted the Club in many ways and Michael has done a great job of keeping everyone up to date. He and the media team will continue to do that throughout this crisis – rest assured. For the Club, the financial consequences are of course severe. At this time of year, we depend heavily on match day revenues and we do not carry large reserves of cash! Your Board is very much in control of our financial situation, however. Michael and I speak daily. We have already taken several important actions to help the situation including:

  • Discussing with both the Council and HMRC concerning various tax and other liabilities as well as the various reliefs that the Chancellor announced last week
  • Seeking the cooperation of our many suppliers while being mindful that we deal with numbers of local businesses who are themselves under financial pressure
  • Playing an active role with both Super League and the RFL, supporting their submissions seeking support from Government and negotiations with key sponsors
  • Helping the Rugby League governing bodies control their own costs on our behalf

We are enormously grateful for the support we have received from suppliers and creditors and would of course welcome the support of anyone else who can help with payment terms or offer other assistance.

Your support as supporters has of course been phenomenal. When we suggested that subscribing to Club 1873, Squadbuilder and Trinity TV were ways you help the Club, you responded magnificently. Please keep it up and look out for other ways we suggest you can help – where you can afford it. I am loving Trinity TV by the way. Some unbelievable amazing memories to watch again and again.

Wakefield Trinity is of course at its heart a Community Club. I am really proud of how our staff, including those from Community Foundation, have reached out in the past week to those of our supporter base who may be in difficulties. We have sought to reach as many as possible who may need some form of assistance of a practical nature. If there is anyone else out there – whether a Wakefield Trinity fan or not – please get in touch with the Club. WE ARE THERE FOR YOU AND WILL HELP IN ANY WAY WE CAN.

I did want to close by saying a few words about the stadium redevelopment. Having been on the agenda for about 50 years I guess I might have guessed there might be delays! The current crisis is just the latest. The good news is thar our plans are very well advanced; in terms of scope, design and funding. We were very close to submitting a planning application a couple of weeks ago and expect to do that whenever things return to normal. It is not appropriate to give details ahead of the planning application but as I have said before we are starting with the East Stand as well as several other important developments. The accent throughout will be on providing facilities for the Community and not just Wakefield Trinity on match days. Please keep the faith that this will be delivered: Michael, I and the rest of your Board are determined it will be worth the wait!

Thank you once again, wherever you are, for all that you do to support this great Club. We are determined that we will come through this, perhaps even stronger. Above all though – STAY SAFE AND LOOK AFTER EACH OTHER!

We are in this together. More than ever….

Up the Trin