November 19, 2018

Do You Back Club 1873?

Do you back the Club 1873 Scheme?

The Club 1873 Lottery was set up in order to help raise funds for the Club’s Youth and Development Programme.

All the money raised is fed into the Academy to help attract, nurture and retain young players like James Batchelor, Max Jowitt, Tom Johnstone and Chris Annakin etc alongside helping to improve training, education and facilities at the Club.

Trinity supporters can sign up to the lottery scheme for just £1 a week; you will receive a line of seven randomly selected unique numbers that go into the draw each week for the £250 cash prize. There are also three lucky runners up along with daily prizes that are up for grabs.

To get signed up, visit the Club Shop in the Ridings Centre or call 01924 211611 option 1.

The Club also launched ‘Commit 6’ back in 2017; it is a scheme following on from the original Club 1873 Lottery and is aimed at increasing the funds directed at Academy players.

If you commit to six extra lines or add to the lines you currently hold in the lottery scheme for the whole of the year, the Club will give you your Membership the following year ABSOLUTELY FREE!