Wakefield Trinity has played an integral part in the life of the people of Wakefield and the surrounding area since its formation in 1873. Sport has the unique ability to raise the spirits and unite different ages, sexes, ethnicities and social economic groups in a shared passion.

We pride ourselves on being a community-focused club and enjoy the responsibilities we have to engage with the people of Wakefield and the surrounding area through the work of the Wakefield Community Trust. Its formation is engaging, educating and inspiring our local society.

The Wakefield Community Trust was established in 2013. The major objective of the Wakefield Trinity Community Trust is to provide education, physical activity, and healthy lifestyle support for the children, young people and disadvantaged youth of Wakefield.


Ambassador Scheme

The club’s Ambassador Scheme aims to build relationships with community clubs in the Wakefield district to get more children involved in rugby league, and potentially inspire the next generation of Trinity players.

Having been nearly two years in the planning, the scheme, which focuses on children between the U7’s and U11’s age groups, got the go ahead in December 2015, and has since seen two roadshow workshops held in 2016 and 2017 which saw over 400 children from six junior rugby clubs in the area attend.

The workshop was delivered by a number of first-team players, who held fun and educational sessions with the children.

If you would like further information or to know where your nearest ambassador club is please contact James Stephenson on [email protected]


Sky Try

Wakefield’s Sky Try Rugby League Programme sees the club’s community trust visit schools and delivering rugby league coaching programmes to girls and boys of various ages.

Aiming to introduce 100 000 new people to rugby league each year, the nationwide Sky Try programme has four specific targets, all of which the Wildcats’ strive to achieve through visiting over 30 schools in the local area.

The four targets are:

  • ‘Sky Try Primary Rugby League’, which focusing on delivering coaching sessions to 8-9 year olds within a cluster of primary schools that are located around community clubs.
  • ‘Sky Try local school competition and player development’, which aims at increasing the opportunities for secondary school boys in years seven and nine to play rugby league, whether it be for the first time or more regularly.
  • ‘Sky Try play touch’, which is a six week touch rugby workout for girls, aiming to increase participation levels of girls within the sport at key stage three.
  • ‘Making the big games bigger’, which sees a children from all three of the other targeted areas have the opportunity to compete in short touch rugby matches at Belle Vue stadium prior to kick-off of a Wildcats’ first team game.

If you would like Trinity’s Community team involved in your school/club/group, please contact the club on [email protected]


Primary Rugby League

The club’s Primary Rugby League programme aims to get more kids active and involved in the game while also teaching them new skills and is ever growing.

Trinity’s Community Trust team delivers a six week programme to primary schools across the Wakefield district where the children are able to learn the basic skills of rugby league, including passing and catching along with teamwork. The young individuals work as a team playing games of touch rugby helping them to build their team-building abilities.

The Primary Rugby League Programme allows children from the schools to take part in Touch Rugby League Festivals against other schools at the Beaumont Legal Stadium prior to kick-off of a first team fixture.


Secondary Rugby League 

The club’s Secondary Rugby League programme aims to get more secondary school girls involved in playing the game of rugby and increasing their participation in physical activity in general.

While participation levels of physical activity of girls often falls at secondary school, the club aims to ensure this does not happen by teaching them the basic skills of rugby league, including passing and catching, as well as giving them the opportunity to develop their teamwork and leadership qualities in games of touch rugby amongst themselves.


Touch Rugby League

The club’s Touch Rugby League programme is a fantastic way to get involved in playing the game, without the highly competitive and physical elements of the sport.

Trinity’s community trust runs regular competitions, which are split into two sections – serious and social – across a ten week schedule, and are a great way to be keep fit and play rugby with family, friends or colleagues.

Touch Rugby League is open to anyone aged 14 or over with a minimum of six players per side, and an unlimited amount of interchanges, at a cost of just £20 per team each week.

The first summer league is already underway, however anyone wishing to take part is asked to keep an eye out on the club’s website, where details of the next competition will be announced in due course.


Weight Management 

Wakefield Trinity’s ‘Give Us A Try: Manage Your Weight’ project is a free, men only programme, which aims to increase activity levels and dietary awareness for men aged 65 and under.

The programme, which is in partnership with Wakefield Council and runs on a Thursday night at the Beaumont Legal Stadium, is aimed at men who currently do not exercise, looking to improve their knowledge of healthy living, goal-setting and monitoring their eating and exercising levels to aid them in their weight loss.

With an emphasis on participation, the scheme involves cardiovascular exercises, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), bodyweight exercises and weight training, as well as important nutritional information and advice to ensure you’re eating healthily too.

The club will also measure participants’ BMI to ensure they have a tangible goal to aim for and achieve, thus providing key motivation as well as allowing the intensity levels to be adjusted for each individual throughout the programme.

The programme will also provide participants with home exercises and assistance in making long-term changes, to ensure the healthy lifestyle and weight loss is sustained well beyond the programme.

Anyone wishing to find out more about the programme or how to get involved is asked to contact James Stephenson at [email protected]


Learning Zone

Wakefield Trinity ‘Learning Zone’ exists to work in partnership with local schools in order to complement their work in raising standards and seeks to make a significant and positive contribution to the learning culture in the community of Wakefield and District.

We aim to provide a positive experience for individuals and an opportunity for young people to develop fresh identities as learners.

We place the building of positive self-esteem and self-belief at the heart of our practice. We are aware that self-esteem and self-belief are not inherited, they are learned. Through placing young people in a supportive environment, with good role models and with work programmes which are achievable, we aim to develop those positive self-images. It is our intent to organise for success so that any and every young person can succeed. Our interactions with young people at group or individual level are based on positive communication and praise.

The young people will complete activities which are exciting, fun and stimulating, using The Wakefield Trinity Wildcats as a theme. Some activities incorporate literacy, numeracy and ICT, therefore helping to improve their skills in these subjects. We also teach the young people about “Healthy Living/Healthy Life Styles” to give the young people the knowledge to make healthy life choices.


Win and Grin with the Trinity Programme

We offer schools the opportunity to send groups of 10 pupils along to the Wakefield Trinity  Learning Zone to participate in the “Win & Grin with Trinity” programme (The programme consists of six two hour sessions).

We have a mini bus which collects the children from schools at approx. 2.30p.m. (Hopefully avoiding the rush hour traffic) or at a time which is convenient. The mini bus will then return the children back to school at approx. 4.45p.m. The aim of the programme is to engage the children in activities which they will find exciting, fun and stimulating whilst helping to boost their confidence and self esteem. The course does not incur any cost to the schools.