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“This academy will help players to improve individual skills with the best coaches available.” – Swaine

14th January 2022

Wakefield Trinity Ladies’ Dani Swaine has hailed “exciting times” at the club following the announcement of our newly-launched WSL academy.

Last year’s Woman of Steel Swaine has been with the club for several years, moving over from West Yorkshire rivals Bradford Bulls.

A whole host of key performances in the middle has shot Swaine into the spotlight in recent years and she is pleased the club is helping the next generation of young players.

“It is such exciting times at Wakefield knowing they are going to be starting an academy,” she told the club’s media department.

“I know it’s a great opportunity for any young girls who wants to give rugby a go because it has given me so much pleasure over the many years I have been involved in the sport.

“It is something that we have missed out on due to Covid over the last couple of years, so, hopefully, there will be a lot of interest.

“I am looking forward to seeing them training alongside the Women’s team, so we can be good role models to them.

“We will show them what they can achieve with hard work, commitment and determination, and who knows, Wakefield could produce some future England players.”

Our all-new WSL academy is yet another step in the right direction for the women’s game, especially with a World Cup on the horizon at the end of this year.

With that, Wakefield Trinity is looking to the future and nurturing the younger generation with multiple avenues into the game.

“It is definitely a stepping-stone that is needed, in my opinion,” Swaine followed.

“Not only can it be a big step for some players making the change from community rugby to Women’s Super League, but it can be a massive challenge adapting from the youth game to open age.

“The game is much faster, and the contact is so much fiercer, which means having the ability to compete takes a lot of time and hard work.

“Having an academy will help players to improve individual skills with the best coaches available, in a well-equipped environment.

“We will be proud to produce and retain our homegrown players who will hopefully enjoy a long successful rugby career.”

With her stern and powerful attributes, Swaine has built a long, well-established career in the game, and has some important advice for those looking to get involved.

“Don’t hesitate, just give it ago,” she said, speaking on why young, community players should take the plunge.

“I’ve been playing rugby since I was 15 years old, and it was the best decision I ever made.

“It has made me the person I am today, and I have made best friends for life out of it.

“I have travelled with rugby and even played in Russia, which is an experience I will never forget; however, Wakefield is a fantastic club to be part of.

“I have always felt welcomed here. The club are not only there to support your rugby journey, but so much more, like rehab with any injuries received and support your mental health and wellbeing if you need it.

“If in doubt, contact the club, speak to someone, and I would always be willing to speak to you to try answer any questions and share my own, personal experiences.”

“You won’t regret it, come on down and be proud to represent Wakefield Trinity.”

To register your interest for our re-launched WSL Academy, please click HERE. Alternatively, for more information, please email james.stephenson@wakefieldtrinity.com.

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