August 5, 2023

An Update on Ed Hunter

As previously stated on our social media, our Reserves were in action against Hull FC today at the University of Hull. After half an hour the game was abandoned, following a serious head injury to young Trinity fullback, Ed Hunter. As stated earlier this evening, Ed is now home and is recovering from what ended up being a bad concussion.

The following message was sent from our coaches around our camp following their top tier professionalism with handling the situation. We also send our thanks to Hull FC’s medical staff for their efforts in handling the situation also.

‘Good Evening,

Just providing an update on Ed, as we know a few of you have been asking.

He’s home now, safe and sound with his family, sleeping it off.

We’ve spoken as a staff, and we were immensely proud of how you all conducted yourselves today. You were respectful, gave him and his family space and waited patiently for our amazing medical staff to hand him over to the ambulance service. Thank you.’