November 24, 2023

A Big Thank You from the Owner

Good evening, everyone. I would like to thank you all for the overwhelming support you have shown in purchasing your season tickets.

Good evening, everyone. I would like to thank you all for the overwhelming support you have shown in purchasing your season tickets. I think we have proved to the Rugby League world that we are still a major club with a great tradition, some would say a sleeping giant, and after the response this week, I can totally agree with that sentiment. The potential to keep growing is huge and exciting. 

We have sold just over 4,500 season tickets, the breakdown of which, as of earlier today, was 3,023 adult tickets and 1,514 junior tickets. Both of these numbers are massively up from the year before. The figures last year were 653 adult tickets and 930 junior tickets, plus 250 concessions. 

Overall, there was a year-on-year increase of 148%. Adult tickets have increased proportionally more than Junior tickets with the new model. With pride but frustration, we had to close season ticket sales for the North Stand due to maximum capacity levels being met. 

We will find a way to increase capacity for the North Terrace next year in anticipation of the 2025 season, as I feel many more tickets would have been sold for this area of the ground. I would urge any supporter who was planning on buying a season ticket in the North to still come down and follow the club in either the East Stand, West Terrace, or Fox’s Bar. 

I guarantee that we will increase capacity on the North Stand next year, and your support this year in buying tickets in other areas of the ground will assist with the funding of the project. There is a lot of wasted space around the back of the North Terrace to increase capacity and improve the match-day experience with new concession options. I am also looking at a few new options to improve the West Terrace. 

Sales for this area have been reasonable, but we definitely need to make improvements there, as this will have to become a popular area of the ground for home supporters in the years to come when we are back in the Super League. I have enjoyed seeing the season ticket orders come through, and it has become a new obsession to check the sales figures on my phone. My family has been used to this over the last twenty years in the kitchen business, but now I have it with rugby as well. 

Club Shop Manager, Daz Pitchforth, and I are speaking daily about how sales are progressing. There are still supporters with reserved tickets for the East Stand to be purchased. These will increase our overall numbers. Could any customer who reserved in the Club Shop please ensure the tickets are purchased in the club shop by the 1st of December, or unfortunately, these tickets will have to be released. 

Let’s try and push to our next target and get over the 5,000 mark. There aren’t many Championship clubs that could sell that many, so it would be a remarkable achievement. We are the only UK based, full-time, professional club in the Championship, so we will be the main target to beat for most of the other clubs. 

The more supporters that we have, the more we will create a fantastic home atmosphere, which will inspire and lift the boys throughout the season. Onwards and upwards, well done to you all. 

Thanks again, everyone. Have a good weekend. 

Matt Ellis, Owner